How to Search LION

You can search LION by using any combination of keywords, phrases, subjects, or author names to find what you are looking for, and LION will retrieve the most "relevant" results that match your search criteria. For example, if you search for the word "king", the results list would include books about the King of England, books written by Stephen King, books with Martin Luther King, Jr. in the title, etc. Once your results are displayed, you will have the option to further refine the results of your search. LION offers a couple of tools to assist you with this.

Searching your school's catalog

The LION catalog includes materials from library collections at every school in DPS. There are several ways to search only for materials at your school though:

From the LION homepage

If you are on LION's homepage, you can search just your school's collection using the drop-down list in the form. If you are in your building, your school's name should already be selected. If you are at home, you can manually select it from the list:

Search from the LION homepage

From your school's catalog page

Each school has their own catalog page within LION. You can get to your school's page from the LION homepage by clicking on the list of schools icon from the horizontal menu and choosing your collection:

List of schools link

Once you have selected your school from the list you will be taken to a customized catalog page for your school that allows you to search just for your materials. Your school's catalog page also shows what ebook collections are available to you and which online databases are most popular at your school.

Refining Your Search

There are two ways you can refine your catalog searches: either by using the facets in the search results, or by using the pre-search filters:

Refine Using Facets

LION's facets help you refine your search by limiting the results according to the characteristics you choose. They can be found along the left side of the search results page.


Click a facet value to refine your search results list to just those materials that match the value. Remove an applied facet from your search by clicking the 'X' icon that appears next to its name. Depending on the results of your search, you can choose from some or all of the following facet types:

Availability The Availability facet allows you to limit the search to only the materials "At your library" that are currently on the shelves, or limit the search results to electronic resources, such as e-Books.
Search Found In The Search Found In facet limits where LION searches for your search term.
  • Subject: Number of matches found in the subject heading of the record.
  • Title: Number of matches found in the title field.
  • Author: Number of matches found in the author field.
  • Community Tag: Tags that match your search.
Format The Format facet limits the search results to resources of a specific material type. For example, choose the Book facet value to remove music, videos, and so on, from the results and see only the books that matched your search.
Collection The Collection facet limits the search results to resources at a specific school library. If you are at a school, LION does this for you automatically. (See "Ashley" in the example.)
Language The Language facet limits the search results to resources in a specific language. (If a record is available.)

Refine Using Pre-Search Filters

You also have the option to apply "pre-search" filters to your searches in LION if you know in advance what you're specifically looking for by clicking on "advanced" in the catalog searching box:

Pre-Search Filters
  • Type of Search (keyword, title, author, and subject.)
  • Language (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Vietnamese).
  • Format (Book, eBook, Safari Montage, etc.)
  • Interest Level (Lower Grades, Middle Grades, Upper Grades- note: using this filter only returns books with an Accelerated Reader rating)
  • Reading Levels (Accelerated Reader, Lexile)
  • Fiction, Non-Fiction, or both.

Once you've selected your "pre-search" filters, enter the keyword(s) you wish to look for and click the search button. LION will retrieve the most "relevant" results using the "pre-search" criteria you specified.

Filter Results

Wildcard Searching

Use an asterisk " * " to perform a wildcard search. For example, searching for "inter*" will return results containing the words "internal" and "internet". (The asterisk must follow at least two other characters.)

Advanced Searching

The Advanced Search form in the LION search results interface helps you build a query composed of search terms and other optional search limits. The functionality is similar to the pre-search filters described above, but this tool also allows you to enter multiple search terms and use Boolean operators.

  1. Select Advanced Search from the search results page after doing an initial search.
  2. Choosing the index you wish to search from the drop-down box. (Keyword, title, author, etc.)
  3. Enter your search terms.
  4. OPTIONAL: You can also add multiple search terms by using the Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to further refine your search.
  5. OPTIONAL: Select other options such as Format, Collection, and Language
  6. After you have built the query you want, choose Search.
  7. OPTIONAL: Choose Reset search to clear the current query and start over.
Advanced Search Link
Advanced Search Options
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Search Results

Browse Display

The search results screen is what displays after submitting your search to LION. It will list the results of your search based on relevance by default. You can change the sort order by clicking on either Title or Date in the section above the first record shown in the display. Below is what you'll see on a typical search results screen:

  1. How search was refined and number of results returned.
  2. Sorting options (Relevance, Title, Date)
  3. Facets - Narrow your search result set using the terms you choose
  4. Results - Results returned by LION.
Search Results Browse

Important Note: LION searches the holdings of ALL district school libraries and will retrieve ALL relevant results that match your search. This includes the titles at your school and the titles from other schools that match your search. In most cases, LION will present the titles of the materials at your specific school first, then the materials of other schools in alphabetical order.

Record Detail Page

The record detail page displays information for an individual bibliographic record. The page provides information from attached records regarding copies, volumes, and orders. As well as links to electronic resources such as e-books. The system shows the record detail page when you select a record from the search results list.

Depending on your library's configuration, the record detail page can include the following:

  1. Back to Results - takes you back to the search results page.
  2. Add to cart - Allows you to add a title to a cart for exporting the record via email. (See Exporting Records for more info.)
  3. Record Detail - Display of specific information about the title, including holdings.
  4. Extras - Links to enriched content, such as summaries, first chapters, or professional reviews.
  5. Browse Results - A brief listing of the next results in your list.
Record Detail

Novelist Plus

In the lower-half of the record detail page, you'll see the Novelist Plus section. Novelist plus is enriched content that is added to LION for most of the titles in the catalog. Some of the content you'll find in this section:

  1. Titles - Displays titles that you may also be interested in.
  2. Authors - Other authors who have similar books.
  3. Reader Appeal
  4. Reader Reviews and Ratings - Reviews and Ratings from Goodreads.
Novelist Content

Exporting Titles (My Cart)

My Cart enables you to create a temporary list of books and materials. You can select individual titles, the entire book cart contents, or any subset, and then export a list of the selected items, add the items to My Lists, or email them to any valid email address.

My Cart

You can add items to your book cart from either the search results page or the record detail page. You do not need to log in to LION to create a book cart list or to email your list to an address you specify. To create and export a book cart list:

  1. Choose the Add to cart icon from the search results list or the record detail page to add items to your list. You can add multiple items to the cart.
  2. Choose the My Cart link in the browse or record detail page at the top of the page in LION.
  3. Select (check) the items you want to export.
  4. Choose Email from the action toolbar. The Email dialog box appears.
  5. Enter the email address to which you want to send the list. To send the list to multiple email addresses, separate each address with a comma.
  6. OPTIONAL: Enter a subject line for the email.
  7. Choose Send to email the list or Cancel to close the dialog box without sending the list.
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Step 3
Step 4
Steps 5-7
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Online Databases

Library Services purchases numerous subscriptions to online databases which are made available to staff and students though LION. The list of databases changes each year, and there are frequently trials of new databases available in the spring. To see the current list of databases, click here

You can view the databases either in a grid or as a list. By default they are sorted by popularity at your school. You can also sort them by title, subject, and grade range- and filter them by subject and grade range.

Filters and Sorting
expanded Filters and Sorting

In the grid view, you can view more information about a database by hovering on the picture and clicking the "i" button:

Database details

In the list view, you can view more information by clicking on the "info" link on the right:

More info link

Logging in

If you are trying to access the databases at your school, you should not need to log in. Please contact your librarian if you are prompted to log in while at your school.

When you try to access the databases from home, you will need to verify that you are either a DPS student or staff member.

login screen

All patrons will need to enter their last name. Students will then enter their 6-digit student ID numbers. (Ask your librarian if you don't know your ID number.) Teachers and other staff members will instead need to enter their 9-digit DPS employee ID number.


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OverDrive is a digital collection of ebooks and e-audiobooks. It can be accessed in school or at home by going to on any device with an internet connect (e.g. computers, tablets, phones, etc.)

logging in:

  • staff: use your normal district credentials (i.e. what you use for webmail, Lawson, etc.)
  • students: the username is your 6-digit Student ID Number, and the password is your birth-date in mmddyyyy format (e.g., January 1, 2001 = 01012001)


Follett Shelf


Follett Shelf is a digital collection of ebooks for elementary and K8 schools. It can be accessed in school or at home by going to your school's catalog page and then clicking on the ebooks link in the "e resources" section.

logging in:

  • staff: use your staff ID# for both the username and password
  • students: use your student ID# for both the username and password




Rosen ebooks are a special collection of digital resources found within Follett Shelf built on Common Core standards. They can be accessed in school or at home by going to your school's catalog page and then clicking on the ebooks link in the "e resources" section. Then click on the Follett Shelf icon when you see the gallery of available ebook providers. Once in Follett Shelf, mouse over "Collections" and click on "Digital Resource Links" to see the option for Rosen Interactive eBooks. These books use Flash so they will not work on iPads or iPhones.

logging in:

  • staff: use your staff ID# for both the username and password
  • students: use your student ID# for both the username and password


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